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Caroni Implements P/L is the proud importer of Cosmo Srl. Cosmo are a world leader in Fertiliser Spreader technology and production. Working out of a state-of-the-art facility in the north-west of Italy (80km from Turin and 200km from Nice) Cosmo exports more than 25,000 3-Point Linkage Implements annually.

Fertilisers are applied to promote plant growth and increase soil fertility. They have been known to increase yields by 30-80%, thus increasing crop production and improving the quality of food and fodder. Fertiliser Spreaders (or 'Super' Spreaders as they can be known) are the 3-Point Linkage Implement most commonly used to apply Fertiliser (Super) which makes them a vital part of a productive health operation.

Whatever your situation there is a Cosmo Fertiliser Spreader (Super Spreader) to help you increase soil quality, growth and yield.

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